Indexing News

  • Happy New Year!
  • Did you miss my live webinar on embedded indexing with Index-Manager? Download the replay here. This webinar “Indexing with Index Manager: Indexing and Embedding the Forest and the Trees” aired Tuesday, October 30, 2018. I demonstrated how I use Index-Manager for writing quality indexes, including for providing analysis and headings, subheadings, cross-references, and ranges. I also showed how I edit my work, and—perhaps most importantly for some of you—I showed how I export this work for final embedded publication (and re-publication, as you wish). Writing, editing, embedding index entries, this can all be done with professional indexing software. Watch this webinar to learn how to craft and edit both simple and complex index entries, with page ranges and with cross-references, and how to export and review embedded indexes.
  • An English-language manual for Index-Manager is also available. Download your copy here. This manual even has a linked and embedded index, of course.
  • The AMA Manual of Style, a superb guide for authors and editors is also available online. I highly recommend this editorial manual, especially for Chapter 13, Medical Indexes.