Titles Indexed 2020

Art and Architecture

  • Gouache in 4 Easy Steps: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Beautiful Paintings in No Time
  • Paul and Bunny Mellon: Visual Biographies—The Trompe l’Oeil Paintings at Oak Spring, Virginia

Clinical Medicine and Health Care

  • AMWA Journalindex available online!
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Manual
  • The American Society of Addiction Medicine Handbook of Addiction Medicine
  • The Art and Science of Compassion, A Primer: Reflections of a Physician-Chaplain
  • Culture of Health in Practice: Innovations in Research, Community Engagement, and Action
  • Deep Brain Stimulation: A Case-Based Approach
  • Diseases in the District of Maine 1772–1820: The Unpublished Work of Jeremiah Barker, a Rural Physician in New England
  • Emergency and Clinical Ultrasound Board Review
  • Evaluating and Conducting Research in Audiology
  • 50 Studies Every Urologist Should Know
  • Fifty Years of Magnetoencephalography: Beginnings, Technical Advances, and Applications
  • Geriatrics At Your Fingertips
  • Johns and Cunningham’s The Physics of Radiology
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Emergency Medicine index available online!
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider Manual
  • Pediatric Emergencies: A Practical, Clinical Guide
  • Professional Communication in Speech-Language Pathology: How to Write, Talk, and Act Like a Clinician
  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Psychopharmacology: A Concise Overview
  • Revelatory Narratives of Health and Identity
  • Understanding Mental Health Problems of Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Social Workers
  • Upper Airway Stimulation Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Urban Public Health: A Research Toolkit for Practice and Impact



  • Behavior Management: Systems, Classrooms, and Individuals
  • Cognitive Skills You Need for the 21st Century
  • Edward Said and Educationindex available online!
  • Special Education Law and Policy: From Foundations to Application
  • Storytelling for Sustainability in Higher Education: An Educator’s Handbook
  • A Teacher’s Guide to Progress Monitoring: Track Goals to Refine Instruction for All Students

Mathematics, Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Statistics


  • Birth of Intelligence: From RNA to Artificial Intelligence
  • The Problem with Science: The Reproducibility Crisis and What to Do About It
  • The Shadow of the Black Hole

Social and Scholarly Studies

  • Camping Grounds: Public Nature in American Life from the Civil War to the Occupy Movement
  • Los castellanos del Perú: historia, variación y contacto lingüístico
  • Collaborating for Change: Transforming Cultures to End Gender-Based Violence in Higher Education
  • Decision-Making Ecology and Judgment in Child Welfare and Protection: Theory, Research, and Practice
  • Diamond Fiddler: The Stories Behind the Story of Fiddler on the Roof
  • Diversity, Oppression, and Change: Culturally Grounded Social Work
  • Free to Move: Foot Voting and Political Freedom
  • The French in New Mexico
  • Gender: What Everyone Needs to Know
  • Generalist Social Work Practice: A Worktext
  • Great Medieval Thinkers: Robert Kilwardby index available online!
  • How Children Invented Humanity: The Role of Development in Human Evolution
  • International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World index available online!
  • Into Literature, Grade 11
  • Joyce’s Ulysses: Philosophical Perspectives
  • Liars: Falsehoods and Free Speech in an Age of Deception
  • Measuring Well-Being: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Social Sciences and the Humanities
  • Newspaper Confessions: A History of Advice Columns in a Pre-Internet Age
  • On Being and Becoming: An Existentialist Approach to Life
  • Paper Trails: The US Post and State Power in the American West
  • Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council: Supplement 2018
  • Revealed Sciences: The Natural Sciences in Seventeenth-Century Morocco
  • Reviving Rationality: Saving Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Sake of the Environment and Our Health
  • Russian Practices of Governance in Eurasia: Frontier Power Dynamics
  • 30 Great Myths about Chaucer
  • Transforming Ethnomusicology, Volume I: Methodologies, Institutional Structures and Policies
  • Transforming Ethnomusicology, Volume II: Political, Social, and Ecological Issues

Spanish-language titles

  • Los castellanos del Perú: historia, variación y contacto lingüístico